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David Thomas
Customer Director at Spark Emotions Limited

Rob has a wealth of knowledge and experience in retail and utilises this to deliver both results and support others with their development needs. I have worked with Rob over a number of years and seen him grow as a leader and develop his own unique style which is both energising and engaging. Rob is a real team player and asset to any organisation.

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Sarah Crosby
Proactive Operations Manager

I was pointed in Rob's direction from a mutual friend, and from the moment I made contact, he made me feel comfortable talking through my feelings and situations. I've become more self-aware and coached with solutions to put into practice day to day. My time with Rob has been an absolute pleasure, personable and honest, gaining my trust from the first hello! I wouldn't hesitate to pick up the phone to him, or arrange a Zoom call.

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Ian Lewis
People Manager, Digital UK at ROCKWOOL Group

I was recently a participant on a ILM Level 4 course which Rob delivered and it was a great experience. Robs in-depth knowledge, combined with real life examples provided me with an excellent foundation to successfully complete my ILM Diploma. Cheers Rob 👍

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Cathy Hoy
Global L&D Director at Soho House & Co

Rob recently worked with me and my team on a national, training project for a large retail organisation. Rob is great to work with, very enthusiastic and self motivated. He was really happy to get stuck in and really involved with each store he worked with. I'd happily recommend Rob for other training roles and I hope to work with him again in the future.

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 Darren Booth, Partner at Seventh Wave

"I have recently had the pleasure to work with Rob on a national training project. Rob was fantastic. He understood the brief and applied is experience to provide an excellent service. He is immediately likeable, professional and has huge experience ... what a combination! I am very happy to recommend Rob and look forward to working with him again"

Oliver Lewis, Tesco

"I first met Rob when I was 17. He interviewed me to become a Tech Support Assist at my local Tesco store and although I scored below average in the tests, he gave me a chance. At the time I was young and lacked maturity in some areas, but with Rob's help I developed a level of discipline that would help me years later. One year went by and I was promoted to Tech Support Team Leader. Rob provided me with additional support and mentoring to develop myself as well as the team around me. His words of advice were invaluable and still help me manage my own business today. Thank you Rob, for all that you have done"

Matthew Price, Store Manager at Tesco

I have worked and know Rob for almost 20 years, through our time together as colleagues working in various roles in stores and regionally for Tesco.

Throughout this time it was always clear to me that Rob was the sort of person who loves interacting and coaching people.  Rob was always there when I needed him, be it a professional capacity or just for a chat.

One time I particularly remember is how Rob helped to coach and inspire along with myself a failing part time Tech support team.  Through brilliant coaching and an amazing way of inspiring people, we not only turned this tech team around, we managed to gain such good results, the company couldn’t let this go unnoticed and we became a full time tech support team in store, along the way delivering some of the highest numbers from any store in the UK.  I have absolutely no doubt if Rob wasn’t involved in this, the success we achieved would not have happened.  This success at the store not only inspired me, but also some of the colleagues that went onto bigger and better things directly through Rob’s coaching and mentoring.

I wish Rob all the very best in his venture.  He is a proper stand up guy, with the very best of intentions to help, coach and support people and teams.  I personally miss having you in the workplace.

I recommend Rob thoroughly for any coaching, mentoring that may be needed, the success he has helped inspire through his time with Tesco is proof this man is the real deal.

Kelly, Regional Coach

I was lucky enough to work with Rob for a number of years during my time as a regional coach. He will always remain professional and balance the end goal vs the individuals capability and journey required.  Rob was my go-to person and always had time to listen and offer balanced  invaluable advice to help me progress with challenges.

Rob has a great ability to connect at a personal level and offer the best advice for you as an individual. I have a huge level of respect for Rob and his commitment to help others to be their best.

Richard Hussell

I worked with Rob on and off for over 20 years. Rob is a loyal and committed individual who will go out of his way to help anyone. If he doesn’t know the answer he will find out and get back to you.  His training was always insightful but succinct and to the point.

Martin Lewis

I’ve known Rob for 15 years, we first met through work and quickly became great work colleagues but most of all good friends. A very honest and trustworthy person and someone I have turned to to seek advice on several occasions. He never made me feel small and always motivated me and  encouraged me which grew my confidence. Thanks for always being there Rob

 Aspen Waite

Aspen Waite has been working with moral training and development for over  6 months.   Our company has grown significantly over the last few years and was in need of management training and an appraisal system.   

We class training as an investment not a cost and Rob Lester has delivered first class management training through the Seventh Wave programme and he also set up a process called Real Conversations a new people centric approach to getting the best out of the staff.

The difference Rob has made to the staff and their mindset is unbelievable and the results were noticeable after just one session.   These results were achieved through Rob’s clear understanding of our company, its ethos and its people, Rob is extremely knowledgeable and delivers training  with pride and passion.    Our staff are left wanting to hear more and cannot wait for the next sessions, Rob is a real people person and will be utilising his skills across the wider Aspen Waite Group over the coming months